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 The Colours of Holi
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TheEye is not generally a spoilt sport or curmudgeon, but when it comes to being pelted with coloured paint powders in the name of ‘fun’ she turns into a killjoy.
Does she want a face resembling a Jackson Pollock painting?
Well, no prize for guessing the answer?
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 She’s not a happy camper either!
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You can run but you can’t hide
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HOLI is one of India’s most popular festivals and celebrated with enormous enthusiasm.
To cut a long story short, it’s really a testimony of good triumphing over evil.
A familiar folk tale but being Hindu mythology, it’s Gods, not humans.
Holika (baddy Goddess) tries to kill her nephew (prince Prahalad)  by putting him a burning fire.
Thanks to the intervention of Lord Vishna, Prahlad survives and Holika is charred to death.
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Although TheEye tries to avoid this festival, it is unavoidable.
On the bright side, staying in a good hotel, meant things were very nice and pretty tame!
No fire crackers exploding in your face or kids hiding in doorways chucking coloured water down your back.
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Even a party pooper like TheEye couldn’t complain – delicious snacks and 1 (68)

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I can best describe this as ‘HOLI – LITE’ which, for a misery like me, was just about tolerable!
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The coolest person at the HOLI party. The new ‘face’ of NIKE.

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  1. I love how you describe this festival. These pigments are incredible…i want to use them on textiles, as they are so vibrant.

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