The annual Modernism Week is a design voyeur's dream come true and TheEye had been longing to come since she first visited Palm Springs many years ago. However, 'no pain without gain' and, the first obstacle was getting there through the desert covered in... —>

The Glums

Who remembers The Glums? Do the names Ron and Eff ring any bells? To put you out of your misery, The Glum family were —>


TheEye first encountered Sister Wendy in the mid 80s when she was working at the Saatchi Gallery (then rather grandly referred to as the Saatchi Collection) and for some time my co-curator (Julia Ernst) and I had been receiving letters in small brown envelopes[...] —>

Enchanting Kyoto

The Bullet Train from Tokyo to Kyoto takes 2 hours and twenty minutes. It runs every few minutes and its reliability is legendary. Spotlessly clean (of course). The only scary bit are the short stops it makes at stations along the way. You are warned to be ready to get off speedily as the train stops for about 3 minutes. —>
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