Martin Parr at the National Portrait Gallery

Saturday was bright and sunny and an estimated one million people took to the streets to make their views be known very loud and clear: that Brexit was not acceptable. For the peaceful marchers, Theresa May’s deal was a resounding ‘no deal’.

The crowd was cheerful, friendly and good humoured. You might even say the atmosphere had a ‘festive’ feel. Police presence was minimal. No scuffs, no anger, so no need for police, although there were helicopters above and no doubt plenty of plain clothed officers mingling in the crowd.

Families and friends marched together to make demands for a People’s Vote and a Second Referendum.

The march ended at Parliament Square where speakers included Nicola Sturgeon, (Lord) Michael Heseltine, David Lammy M.P., Tom Watson (Deputy Leader of the Labour Party) and numerous others, representatives from the NHS, The Workers’ Party, etc.

They were convincing and impassioned. But it was a case of preaching to the already converted. Last October,  700.000 people marched in favour of a second referendum. In contrast, Nigel Farage’s Brexit demonstration attracted a measly 200 protesters.

Everyone’s asking that question

The Imperial Bank of BREXIT: The odious Rees Mogg and the ‘promise’ to pay himself more than you. You better believe it!

Poor old Nigel – only 200 supporters bothered to show up for him!  Trapeze artist in blue leotard ‘performing’ on a lamp post. She was politely asked to come down!!

According to last week’s You Gov survey, a second referendum is unlikely for many reasons, but particularly because it would take months to prepare. If there were to be a referendum now, You Gov predicted Remain would win by a margin of 57 – 43% should the choice of the vote be between staying in the EU or leaving without a deal.

Look alike Boris or real Boris – do we want HIM?


In other words – Brexit is rubbish – sweep it up and clear it away.

The turnout was impressive and the spirit optimistic. But it only emphasised the great divide between the South (London in particular) and the rest of the less affluent country.

A friend seemed surprised when she heard a Brexit supporter (one of the few) shouting ‘TRAITOR‘ at someone carrying a European flag. TheEye was more surprised that so many Brexiters stayed away. But she shouldn’t be. They got what they wanted the first time ’round.  If you are unemployed in the North East of the country would you feel you have anything in common with people who started their march from the Ritz Hotel and rested their weary limbs over a cup of tea at the Wolseley?

The only thing both sides have in common is that ‘enough is enough‘.

TheEye is awarding prizes to friends who are able to sustain a dinner without discussing the B-Word.

No one has anything new or insightful to say and it’s just the tedious same old same old…  Will she resign?  When will she resign?  Who will take over if and when she resigns?


If you want to be cheered up and not depressed by endless Brexit babble, go to The National Portrait Gallery for Martin Parr’s wonderful photographic exhibition.

Martin Parr’s photos are a true insight into every aspect of ‘Britishness’. His lens opens our eyes. His sense of fun is playful, never malicious.

SOME PARR SELF-PORTRAITS (fully disguised of course)

Happy Martin

Martin of Arabia

The Martin cocktail –  shaken not stirred.

At the races (Martin Parr)

Susan’s Hairdresser West Bromwich 2011

Toff (photograph MARTIN PARR)


Multitasking in the cafe at the National Portrait Gallery under a Martin Parr print. (PHOTOGRAPH  by THEEYE)

Two chaps at Lord’s

Taking a selfie and having a rest during the March. Great outfit.

All we can do is hope!


  1. As you know, I was there too enjoying some of those same placards. I did as well however see some great ones featuring the Western Isles, Cornish curses and Welsh Dragons – so many had also made the effort to come to London from afar. Thanks for the interesting statistics & the Martin Parr.

  2. I was also on the march. Were you wearing your high heeled sneakers? Love K

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